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About us at Walk Hong Kong

Walk Hong Kong has been offering walks and hikes since 2003. The company is run by Gabi Baumgartner, who oversees the day to day planning and will do her best to match the perfect tour and guide with your individual interests. For that to work, she is supported by a team of experienced guides, each of which adds his or her fields of expertise to the tours, and will be able to provide insights into Hong Kong’s local history and culture as well as knowledge of the region.

Our tours are conducted in English, but on request can be provided in Cantonese and German as well. Our Birdwatching Tours and Wildlife Nightwalks are run by Matthew Kwan, and Martin Heyes takes you on one of our World War 2 Battlefield Historic Walks.

Walk Hong Kong Team

Gabi Baumgartner

Gabi Baumgartner came to Hong Kong from Switzerland in 1996. She’s worked in event production for many years before admitting that she is happiest after a day spent outdoors. That was when she joined Walk Hong Kong. Gabi has learnt the local language Cantonese and constantly discovers new aspects of Hong Kong life and culture, which she’s happy to share. As a guide she takes any of our scheduled walking tours or creates a personalized private tour to suit your interests.

Gabi answers your emails and phone calls. However, phone reception is not always great on the hiking trails, so sending an email is often easier.

Martin Heyes

Martin Heyes, our World War 2 specialist, is a former British Army officer who has lived in Hong Kong for over 40 years. He has conducted extensive research of the 1941 battle from records held both locally and in the United Kingdom, and has spent many long hours walking the terrain over which this short but bloody conflict was fought. Martin also leads some of our Heritage walks.
Martin is a member of the London’s Guild of Battlefields Guides.

Jasmine Nunns

Jasmine Nunns grew up in both Singapore and Hong Kong to a Chinese mother, and English father. She has a great passion for the outdoors, the natural environment and animals. She spends her time consulting for an environmental charity in HK as well as developing her own business in wilderness therapy and Forest Bathing experiences.
As a hiking guide Jasmine offers a unique perspective to life in Hong Kong with her mixed heritage, and shares a passion for the outdoors, with her knowledge of plants & ecology.

Stella To

Stella To loves this city that she has called home since birth and wants to share all aspects of it with visitors, from far and near. She loves outdoor living and appreciates the simple pleasures of sports and joy of hiking.
After enjoying a very diverse career in development and communication roles in big companies, Stella returns to share her first love of the great outdoors through Walk Hong Kong when she will take you to experience these wonderful treasures of Hong Kong’s countryside.

Matthew Kwan

Born and grown up in Hong Kong, Matthew Kwan started birding with his father at the age of six when he saw his first Common Kingfisher at Kowloon Park. He never stopped birding since. An active member of the Hong Kong Birdwatching Society, Matthew is devoted to observing various wildlife including reptiles, amphibians, insects, and spiders. Visit his wildlife blog here. Matthew is also keen to take you on our Night Walk to share the wonderful wildlife found in Hong Kong.

John Holmes

John Holmes came to Hong Kong in 1978. He soon discovered a passion for birds when rambling in Hong Kong’s Country Parks. Since then, birding has led him to many interesting parts of Asia. Still a committed birder, these days he participates in Hong Kong’s monthly waterfowl counts and edits the English language edition of the Hong Kong Birdwatching Society’s quarterly bulletin. John’s birding blog can be found here.
John is very happy to get the chance to share his enthusiasm for Hong Kong birds and birding places.

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