Wildlife Night Walk – Shing Mun

4 hours| 5km

Wildlife Night Walk – Shing Mun

Shing Mun Country Park, New Territories

A large water catchment area just south of Tai Mo Shan, Shing Mun Country Park was established in 1977 and had since became a favourite weekend getaway for many Hong Kong people.

The main footpath runs adjacent to the reservoir, while cutting through some mature secondary forests. With a bit of patience and luck we may encounter mammals such as East Asian Porcupines, Wild Boars, Red Muntjac and Masked Palm Civets. Rhesus Macaques are also very regular here, although it is very unlikely to find them active at night.

A more adventurous route exploring Tai Shing Stream at night is well suited for those who likes to challenge themselves, waterproof shoes are highly recommended for walking along the stream. Some climbing maybe involved to get over rocks and logs.

Despite being a challenging walk, a night expedition to Tai Shing Stream can be very rewarding as it is home to several very interesting creatures, including Burmese Python, Diamond-backed Watersnake, Anderson’s Stream Snakes and Chinese Waterside Skinks. The increasingly rare and endangered Big-headed Terrapin can sometimes be found here.

Tai Shing Stream is also home to numerous native fish species, including Vietnam Catfish, Striped Loach, Small Snakehead, and Predaceous Chub. Vietnam Giant River Prawns are also very common here, these creatures are good ecological indicators on a healthy stream ecosystem.


CostMinimum cost HKD1,400.00 for one or two persons. HKD300 per person thereafter. 

Time: 4 hours

Tour starts: 6.00pm

Tour ends: 10.00pm

Meeting point: Tsuen Wan MTR Station – outside Exit B

Walking distance: 5km

Walk grade: Difficult

Terrain: Nature path, up and downhill

Facilities: Toilets along route

Note: The best time for Night Walks is from March till November. Please note that our tours run on demand. You have to make a booking in order to participate.


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