Wildlife Night Walk – Lung Fu Shan

3.5 hours| 2km

Wildlife Night Walk – Lung Fu Shan

Lung Fu Shan Country Park, Hong Kong Island

Located near the residential areas of Mid-levels and overlooking the urban areas of Western District of Hong Kong Island, Lung Fu Shan is to this date the smallest country park in Hong Kong. Despite it’s close proximity to urban areas, many Hong Kong’s interesting wildlife can be found here.

A night walk along Pik Shan Path gives a chance to see nocturnal mammals including East Asian Porcupines and Wild Boars, if you are lucky you may even see Masked Palm Civets feeding on fruiting trees above the path.

The venomous Bamboo Pit-Viper can often be found along this path, while the docile and harmless Anderson’s Stream Snake frequent the mountain streams here. Chinese Waterside Skinks are sometimes found resting on rocks in the stream, but Chinese Geckos are by far the most common reptile we will see here.

The endangered Short-legged Toad is widespread on Hong Kong Island and can be found here, their unique looking tadpoles can be found within leaf littered pools, while other amphibians such as Green Cascade Frogs, Hong Kong Cascade Frogs, and Lesser Spiny Frogs, are just some of the interesting species you may encounter here on a night walk.


CostMinimum cost HKD1,400.00 for one or two persons. HKD300 per person thereafter. 

Time: 3.5 hours

Tour starts: 6.30pm

Tour ends: 9.30pm

Meeting point: HKU MTR Station – Exit A, on footbridge

Walking distance: 2km

Walk grade: Easy

Terrain: Paved paths, some steps

Facilities: Toilets along route

Note: The best time for Night Walks is from March till November. Please note that our tours run on demand. You have to make a booking in order to participate.


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