Wildlife Night Walk – Hok Tau

3.5 hours| 2km

Wildlife Night Walk – Hok Tau

Pat Sin Leng Country Park, New Territories

Part of Pat Sin Leng Country Park, a guided Night Walk along Hok Tau and Lau Shui Heung can be rewarded with various amphibians and reptiles. The site is a stone throw away from Fanling MTR, making it a very accessible area.

The habitat is mainly secondary forest, a main road links the two sites, both ends will lead you to a reservoir. Near the mountain stream we may find numerous Hong Kong Newts and native fish. The area of the Water Reservoir may yield Chinese Bull Frogs, Paddy Frogs and Gunther’s Frogs. Looking closer we may even find the tiny Ornate Pygmy Frogs, adults grow no bigger than 3 centimeters!

There may also be snakes here, including the beautiful Greater Green Snakes, which is often mistaken for the venomous Bamboo Pit-Vipers, they are however fairly docile and non-venomous. Other snake species may include Banded Kraits, Checkered Keelback and Burmese Pythons.

On a lit up wall of a building we’ll find plenty of geckos sitting on the walls, waiting for insects attracted by the light. The most common species here are Chinese and Bowring’s Geckos, the less common Garnot’s Gecko is also quite regular here, while the large and colourful Tokay Gecko is somewhat of a specialty here, we may hear their “To-kay” calls.


CostMinimum cost HKD1,400.00 for one or two persons. HKD300 per person thereafter. 

Time: 3.5 hours

Tour starts: 6.00pm

Tour ends: 9.30pm

Meeting point: Fanling MTR Station – outside Exit C

Walking distance: 2km

Walk grade: Easy

Terrain: Paved paths, mainly level

Facilities: Toilets along route

Note: The best time for Night Walks is from March till November. Please note that our tours run on demand. You have to make a booking in order to participate.


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